Our story began in 2014, when Dr. Pervinder Kaur decided to make her dreams come true and took on the challenge of making high-quality dental care accessible to everyone in different demographics. We are a family and community oriented practice and committed to providing "prevention of dental diseases at the earliest and maintenance of long-term oral health".

Minto Family Dental aims to make a dental visit relaxed & soothing for tots to teens and everyone in between! Our top priority is the comfort of our patients and we provide a soothing environment where you feel calm, de-stressed and confident with our services. We believe a healthy bright smile does more than improving your outer beauty, it can boost your confidence and change the way you SMILE.

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QIP Accredited

We're QIP Accredited!

Minto Family Dental is honored to be a part of a new standard of accredited practices where we can ensure that we always meet QIP (Quality Innovation Performance) quality standards and safety and care for the patients.

With more than twenty years’ experience in accreditation, QIP (a not-for-profit health promotion charity) is dedicated to training staff and building service offerings that make a clear difference to the patient’s experience and safety. Furthermore, QIP is concerned with adding value while enabling a positive environment for both staff and patients.

The accreditation of Minto Family Dental Surgery, among other private dental practices, is based on a clear set of National Safety and Quality Health Services (NSQHS) standards that are met in the everyday practice culture and processes and is perpetually concerned with patient safety. These safety standards comply with regulatory requirements passed down by both the Federal and State Governments. One of the main requirements forces practices to demonstrate a set of clear and evidence-based patient benefits when patients are visiting an accredited practice.

QIP accreditation aims to increase or build a patient’s assurance and trust as accreditation provides the recognition that an organisation is:

  • Devoted to quality care and safety.
  • Provides consumers with confidence.
  • Decreases occupational risks.
  • Builds a more efficient organisation.
  • Provides patients with quality performance.

What does accreditation mean to our patients?

When patients choose to go to an accredited practice like Minto Family Dental Surgery, they can expect a reduction in clinical and general risks. Patients can also experience the peace of mind that all practice staff is trained and engaged in the implementation of dental processes and systems.

NSQHS standards for dentists and their dental practices were adopted by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care in 2011. The attainment of accreditation, whereby these standards have been fulfilled, means a practice has proven to be of the highest caliber in delivering exceptional patient care and safety standards within Australia.

What does accreditation mean for Minto Family Dental Surgery?

Our newly attained QIP accreditation means we can assure our patients that we are committed to long-term improvements of these procedures, policies, and standards that govern our dental surgery. This means we can provide ongoing assurance to our patients, staff, and colleagues that we are committed to quality, safety and excellence across our practice’s standards and service offerings.

Our QIP accreditation means we have received the independent recognition that we have met the requirements based on a defined set of standards that all dental practices can be equally judged against. Maintaining our accreditation is very important to us, as it reassures our staff and patients that quality performance standards have been substantially been met, are constantly been evaluated and improved upon.

If you would like more information about the accreditation of Minto FamilyDental Surgery of QIP accreditation itself, please contact us for more information.

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